These handmade rattan chargers are the way to go if you’re the type of person who adores woven goods and has a deep respect for anything made from natural materials, such as wicker chargers.

What Is a Wicker Charger?

A charger plate is indeed a large, beautiful base setting that is used for formal events such as weddings, catered events, upscale gatherings, banquets, or in dining establishments. It is put on top of other dinnerware in order to create an elegant presentation.

Charger plates are solely supposed to be used for decoration and are not intended to come into touch with food in any way. They are also referred to as service plates, bottom plates, and chop plates. The use of charger plates is an elegant approach to serving multi-course dinners since each dish is presented in its own bowl or plate, which is then positioned on top of the charger.

You have your choice of a wide range of options when it comes to the hues, textures, lengths/diameters, and contours of the charger plates that you may use to complement the atmosphere, tone, and theme of the event that you are planning. In multi-course dinners, chargers are used to showcase the salad plate, soup dish, and main entrée in a special fashion.

Is Wicker Charger Same as Rattan Plate?

The invention pertains to a technique for manufacturing a rattan plate by utilizing residues that are left over from the processing of rattan. The rattan plate is made by pressing the scraps left over from processing rattan.

This involves weaving the scraps together. The rattan plate that has been prepared through the use of the method is also provided by the invention.

Furthermore, the rattan plate that is made by the method divulged by the invention maintains the original appearance and character traits of rattan; the natural esthetical property, as well as the structural rigidity of the rattan plate encounter market requirements; the utilization technology of the wicker retaining has a simple making process.

Differences Between Rattan and Wicker

“The distinction between rattan and wicker is that wicker refers to the form of weaving as opposed to the actual material,” adds Zoe. “Wicker can be weaved from rattan in addition to a great many other naturally occurring or manufactured materials, resulting in the misconception frequently resides.”

When used synonymously, “rattan” and “wicker” are synonymously equivalent to when the phrases “potato” and “mashed” are used to denote the same thing. The potato, which represents the material, is mashed, representing the process, and the rattan represents the weave.

Because of its construction, a piece of wicker furniture such as the Lucara sofa, for instance, might be manufactured from synthetic rattan (just like this particular type is), real rattan, cane, bamboo, or any other acceptable material. However, it would still be considered wicker furniture.

Wicker is one of the oldest methods that have ever been used to make furniture, despite the fact that it had an increased in popularity during the 1970s.

It may trace the history of wicker furniture back to Egypt; for example, discovered a chair made of wicker in the tomb of King Tut that dates back over 3,000 years. Talk about durability.


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